A week before the tutorial with Dan about the 30 second piece I spent it getting nervous and stressed out due to researching different eye-catching info-graphics on youtube, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to create a similar yet a little bit more simplistic one too. I turned up for the tutorial and my head was everywhere, it didn’t go well at all. I couldn’t even explain what i had drawn down as storyboard to have a straightforward objective for where i wanted to go with my 30 second piece. Reflecting about it now, I am 100% sure that its a habit of mine to stress out and try to back-out from a project especially if its an individual one and most commonly at the stage where is have to jump from pre-production to production stage. Avoiding the jump is what i do best, but after having talked to Dan about my project and what it was that i needed help with, I went back home and tested some of the frames out. Wasn’t impossible as i said it was, had a frame done within 4 days! So the info-graphics is going smoothly.


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