Second Frame

To go with the video, i had to research some facts so that everything could make sense and intertwine together, for example the egyptian goddess going across the screen is Hathor. Ancient Egyptian Goddess attributed for joy, feminine love and motherhood also known to be the goddess of music, dance, foreign lands and fertility who helped women in childbirth.Image

She presents my video and tells the audience what FGM is.

i produced a few drawings of my own to put in the video, so the art could be developed further. My first attempt looked like this;


This is the outline obtained in illustrator after having drawn it on paper with a black pen. Using the live trace option on illustrator facilitates my pathway into getting a perfect outline to be able to drag into photoshop and colouring it in. This is photoshop png file full of all the props needed for this one shot, including the speech bubbles. The colours, i thought, were perfect for her. I decided to use the gold and the red form the original one, but brighten in up a little bit.


Then i had a second change of mind since i thought it was too simple and common, it wasnt really standing out from the screen so i decided to make it more mine by adding some little tweaks and style i have used before…this is what i accomplished. This is the whole transition from paper to illustrator to photoshop.




This is my final complete egyptian lady prop for my second frame of the project.


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