Illustrator and Photoshop time…

So, after having drawn the long shot of the forest i imported it into illustrator and decided to live trace it, so that the black lines would show as i wanted it to be seen in the final project for it being a lot easier to manipulate the drawing if needed. When having traced it, the drawing did not need any kind of manipulation because of having adjusted the contrast, definition, exposure and sharpness of the image.


After having traced it in illustrator I passed it on to photoshop to start playing with the opacity of the rest of the drawing, I wanted to try taking out the white spaces that would then be coloured in with other shades of grey.


By putting a layer of colour behind it i could see what bits of the picture were missing white or in which the white had to be erased.


Then i added some colours in the black to white scale without shading just to see if it would be better without colour because it would bring the attention away from the flying butterfly that i wanted to have in the panning scene.



I thought it worked really well, it also surprised me that it brought out the detail of the bark from the trees a lot more than I thought it would. So after having tested a few times the different grey’s, i was happy with the tests and decided to move on. Next step, add shading and shadows!


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