The Magical Wizard

After having a rough idea of what the wizard’s colours were and the kind of effect i wanted him to have on the audience, my only thing i had to worry about was to import into photoshop this is my process of the wizard.


Taken straight from a camera after having drawn it out by hand.


Creating a mystery effect on the character, with the colours i chose. Also did some heavy shading around the cloak and sharp features such as the nose, very boney angled hands and a v shaped beard. In photoshop i decided to give him a little tweak and experiment with the filters to make him look more connected with the environment around him, since it is where he lives. And i found the perfect filter after an hour of trying different ones. This is the outcome.


This effect of outlining the shadow parts on the wizards cloak and face, has a very similar style to the bark on the trees and bringing it in after effects it seemed to match a lot better than i actually imagined. So, all in all i was very pleased with the overall result of the wizard and background.


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