A brief transition of the trees being coloured in, a sort of time-lapse to show my process whilst drawing. Easily put the images together in after effects.



So, everything started when i drew this 2-sided A3 drawing in my sketchbook. I thought of having it move and bringing it to life with animation, but just to introduce the land and characters i had created for an illustrated book.


It got me thinking…why don’t i start with a really simple camera pan across the land and stop where the wizard is maybe also add an animal to follow the panning camera movement.Image


Critical Analysis throughout the project

After having seen the final edit a million times, i decided to give my opinion on the final product. Due to the piece being an informative piece i thought it conveyed the most important pieces of text really well. What i wasn’t to pleased about was the simplicity of the piece, unfortunately i couldn’t use my usual style of drawing and colours in the animation because of the actual message I was trying to send out. When info-graphics are made, they require a lot of time of pre-production to get the right amount of information absorbed by the audience, making the visuals stand out a little less than the outcome of the purpose, which in this case is raising awareness on female genital mutilation. Talking to Dan i realized that i had accomplished, in a short amount of time what I had planned to do. Therefore in terms of organization and timing I successfully got everything done to also meet the needs of Janos who helped me out with the sound design part.

Throughout the project i did have a few glitches which helped me learn and attribute a few skills and short-cuts that i learned by myself and with Dan’s help in the individual tutorials. I gained a lot of knowledge on how to make a basic info-graphic by incorporating some visuals with important text. I enjoyed this project a lot also because i know that in the future i will make good use the skills to make other info-graphics on more topics i am passionate about. In the future, i am sure i want to work for companies that offer humanitarian aid and use my creative input to help.